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Funny Cards about Dogs

May 29, 2019alan auld

At the Comedy Card Company, we specialise in funny greeting cards and we have a wide selection of cards covering many different occasions and subjects. As we shall see, dogs are a very popular subject for cartoonists and caption writers because dogs themselves are truly funny as is our relationship with them.

Dogs are often quoted as 'man's best friend' so I guess it is no surprise that they regularly feature in cartoons that appear on our humorous greeting cards. With the internet packed full of funny videos involving cats, we might have expected more cartoons about cats compared to dogs. However, this doesn't seem to be the case. Don't get me wrong, there are some hilarious cards featuring cats but there is definitely a larger range of funny cards about dogs.

So, which aspect of dog behaviour and their interaction with their human owners gets the most attention from the cartoonists? Well let's take a look at a bit of bad dog behaviour first of all. At the top of the naughty list has to be toileting indoors . . .

Stand Up / Frankie Whistle

Being natural scavengers, dogs are prone to overeating given the chance or indeed stealing food. There are several cartoons showing dogs over indulging or making the most of an open dishwasher!

Off the Leash / Rainbow

Many dogs have very important roles to play in human life, rather than simple companionship. Working dogs can lead the blind, detect explosives and drugs, round up livestock or guard property. Some have less helpful occupations such as chewing up shoes!

They Can Talk / Modern Toss

Our canine friends are famous for retrieving and carrying sticks, sometimes to a level approaching obsession. For some dogs, it seems that the bigger the stick the better - just watch the backs of your legs as they run by!

Off the Leash / They Can Talk

As demonstrated by this classic cartoon taken from the Punch magazine, some dogs are not so keen to fetch sticks. This french poodle is having none of it . . .


Dogs can worm their way into our affections such that they get away with murder. Initially strict rules can end up being relaxed such that our pets are allowed on our sofas and our beds.

Tottering by Gently / Off the Leash

Of all the famous fictional dogs, one of the long standing favourites has to be Lassie, a Rough Collie dog that was immortalised in both films and TV. Lassie famously came to the rescue, getting help for people stranded and in trouble. The New Yorker magazine, renowned for its satirical sense of humour, published a superb cartoon featuring Lassie. It shows Lassie ending up on a Psychiatrist's couch after the stress of trying to save someone from drowning. 

New Yorker

A popular subject for cartoonists and greeting card designers is the relationship between a dog and its human owners, in particular how they see the role of the human in their life - this odd person who feeds, walks and follows them to collect their poops in little bags!

Frankie Whistle / Splimple

As many a dog owner will appreciate, dogs just love a trip to the vet. This is particularly well demonstrated with the cartoon showing poor James Herriot being given lots of 'love' from a farmer's collie . . . 

Alison's Animals

We also love this cartoon from Oliver Preston showing a vet having to 'put a dog down' - not a lethal injection we're glad to say, more a case of being forced to put the dog back down on the floor on account of him being so overweight!

Oliver Preston

Of course a trip to the vet might mean a dog being given an Elizabethan collar to wear. This 'cone of shame' is intended to stop a dog licking its wound after an operation and is not a popular accessory as these greeting cards reveal . . .

Alison's Animals / U Studio

There is a notorious rivalry between dogs and cats. In this classic cartoon from Rainbow, a cat enjoys teasing a dog through a patio door. The dog bides his time before revealing to the cat that the patio door is actually open.


In this cartoon from newspaper cartoonist Jonathan Pugh, a dog is making the most of a recent finding confirming that dogs are cleverer than cats.


One of the reasons that we love our dogs is because of the unconditional love that they bestow upon us. They simply adore attention from us and love to greet us excitedly when we return home.

Simon Drew / Off the Leash

Having a dog is great for your health - all that walking in the fresh air can only be good for both dog and owner.

Tottering by Gently / Camilla & Rose

One of the more dubious qualities a dog has is its obsession with other dog's bottoms and scent marking. A walk with a dog is an endless series of leaving their scent so that they can mark their territory and let other dogs know where they've been. I guess dogs don't have social media . . .

Wulffmorgenthaler / Cath Tate / Alison's Animals

Sometimes dogs can worm their way into our affection to the extent that our relationship with them supersedes our relationships with people. What was that famous quote? I think it was Mark Twain that said 'The more people I meet, the more I like my dog'. Anyway, this card reflects that sentiment perfectly . . .

Oliver Preston

Finally we have a few favourite cards that don't fit into one of the above categories. The 'Rubbed my tummy' cartoon from the famous New Yorker magazine, showing a dog admitting that he revealed all his secrets after his interrogators rubbed his tummy, is an enduring classic.

New Yorker

Another bestseller shows a photograph of a man carrying his dog up the escalator, obeying the 'dogs must be carried' sign. Unfortunately for him, his dog is a rather large Great Dane!


Another classic cartoon shows a lady posting a 'lost puppy' notice. Little does she realise that the puppy is stuck between her bottom checks after she has inadvertently sat on him. Oh dear.


A new card that has recently entered our best selling list features a great caption to a photograph of a woman holding up a shiny, clean plate. Rather than an advert for some washing up liquid, she is asking whether you can tell if it's been through the dishwasher or been licked clean by the dog! (Either way, I think we'll pass on dinner!)

Quitting Hollywood

Well, that is just a taste of some of our funny cards about dogs. Why not take a look at the full range of our website.

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Bye for now - woof woof!

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