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This year's funny father's day cards

May 20, 2019alan auld

Father's Day is on Sunday 16th June this year. Why not make dad laugh with a funny card from our hilarious selection?

We've already had Valentine's Day and Mother's Day so it is now time to make way for the big one . . . that's right, Father's Day! It is not just for selfish reasons that I say that (I am a father and always look forward to my traditional box of Maltesers!). No, the reason I love Father's Day is because of the great number of cards that the publishers produce in an attempt to have a laugh at poor old dad. At the Comedy Card Company we only sell funny cards so we love any occasion where humour is involved. Whereas mum seems to get a bit more respect on Mother's Day, the cartoonists and caption writers seem to be given more of a free rein to poke fun at fatherhood. This means there are a plethora of cards for us to chose from and present to you.

Brainbox Candy

Father's Day is a relatively recent 'special day'. It was founded in America in 1910 by Mrs Sonora Smart Dodd, who wanted a day to honour fathers. She was inspired by her own father, a widower who raised six children on his own and couldn't understand why there was a day to celebrate mothers but no equivalent day for fathers. It is celebrated in many countries throughout the World but not necessarily at the same time. The most common day is the third Sunday in June, as celebrated in the USA and the UK. In Australia and New Zealand it is celebrated in September. 

Fathers in the UK are accustomed to receiving a card and a small gift (apparently the most popular item is a tie) and perhaps being a bit more spoilt than usual. However, in Germany things are a bit different. Mannertag or 'Men's Day' is a far more raucous affair. A public holiday, many men take to drinking large quantities of beer, often via group 'beer bikes' or by pulling 'beer wagons'. Not always popular with some people in Germany because of the ensuing chaos, perhaps especially the police. It all makes our 'card and a tie' tradition seem quite tame by comparison!

One of the most popular themes for funny Father's Day cards has to be money. The 'bank of dad' is a major role of being a father, the endless digging of hands in pockets, whether it is for presents, ice creams and sweets for younger children or paying for clothes, shoes, school and university fees as they get older. Or perhaps helping them with a deposit to buy a house or help them out when they are in financial trouble, the money flowing to one's children never seems to end. There are some great cards focussing on this aspect. We love this new one from Waving at Trains showing a man visiting his accountant, who reveals how much money he would have had if he hadn't had children . . .

UK Greetings

In a similar vein, this great new card from Rosie Made a Thing shows a little hand outstretched for more money . . .

Rosie Made a Thing

One of the bestselling cards from last year shows a dad reading a fairytale to his daughter, the happy ending being that the little princess gets a job and never asks for any money again. That sounds like the kind of bedtime story that will help dad sleep!

UK Greetings

Another popular theme has to be dad's DIY skills or lack of them. Poor dad, everyone expects him to be able to fix anything and everything. Not only that, but within a short time scale too - surely six months would be an acceptable time frame for those little jobs around the house?!

Camilla & Rose

An enduring topic for humorous Father's Day cards is the suggestion that dad is not quite as effective a parent as mum when it comes to childcare.

Brainbox Candy

Paper Plane

Brainbox Candy

And then there is the accusation that dad breaks wind more than anybody else on the planet. Loud explosions that can evacuate rooms around the house. Poor dad, he can't help it - all that beer, crisp and resultant hot air has to escape somewhere!

Brainbox Candy / UK Greetings / Pigment

Give a dad a barbecue on a summer's day and he is in his element. Back to basics cooking in the fresh air, brings out the prehistoric man. Cooking with real fire no less - Bear Grylls eat your heart out! Those waiting for the delights to emerge from the smoking contraption, are right to be worried about the edibility or indeed the food safety aspect of the offerings. Well done (burnt to a cinder) on the outside, still raw in the middle is often the norm . . .

UK Greetings

One thing that dads can do really well however is beer drinking. Father's can truly excel in this department. It's also one of the few times when dad can multi-task: he can drink beer, change TV channels and eat crisps all at the same time.

UK Greetings

UK Greetings

It's tiring work being a father. Dads are known to slip into a deep sleep at a moment's notice, sprawled out on the sofa. Do note that he will still notice if you try reach for the remote control . . 

UK Greetings / Pigment

Dad's are meant to be embarrassing. It is written in the rule book. Dad's instinctively know how to embarrass their children by taking to the dance floor at Weddings and telling awful jokes to their friends. It's just nature's way of encouraging youngsters to leave the nest. Of course, soon enough they become parents themselves and history repeats itself.

Brainbox Candy

Buddy Fernandez

However, dad is also our own personal super hero. We might have a laugh at his expense, but at the end of the day he truly will come to our rescue when required.


Dean Morris

Naturally your dad is going to be older than you so this is also a great opportunity to remind him how much younger you are . . .

Brainbox Candy

Rosie Made a Thing

Now it wouldn't be Father's Day without some cards about sport. Traditional cards would often have an image of some golf clubs, fishing rods or footballs on them. Our cards are no exception apart from being humorous too.

Pigment / Country Cards / Quitting Hollywood

Our bestselling Father's Day card is a brilliant caption to an original image taken from Ladybird, the famous children's book series. Superb humour from Kiss me Kwik. 

Kiss me Kwik

There it is, a little snapshot of some our Father's Day cards that make us smile. Hope you might find a perfect one for your dad amongst our collection - take a look!

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