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Funny Christmas cards from Woodmansterne for 2018

Sep 25, 2018alan auld

As the nights draw in, boxes packed full of Christmas cards start to arrive at the door of the Comedy Card Company. Specialising in humorous cards, we have lots of new funny Christmas cards to make us laugh and brighten our days as the temperature outside starts to fall.

Woodmansterne is a family business (third generation) that publishes high quality greeting cards. All of their cards are printed in the UK in their own printing works in Hertfordshire. Originally specialising in fine art, they now produce a wide range of cards and have won numerous well deserved industry design awards over the years.

They always release many new designs for Christmas each year and at the Comedy Card Company we seek out the very best in their humour ranges. Let's take a look at some of our favourites for this year.

Drama Queen

Drama Queen is published by Cardmix, part of the Woodmansterne group. It is a long standing and hugely popular range featuring hilarious captions to original, old theatrical photographs. The captions are penned by comedian Alex Lowe (a multitalented artist and comedic actor, who is also the man behind the mask of 'Barry from Watford'). Drama Queen release a fresh batch of Christmas cards each year and there are some fabulous ones this year. Look at this one showing a man in a state of shock after learning that his entire family will be joining them from for Christmas!

We also love this cheeky caption to a photograph of a man wearing tights. The little bulge in his crotch reminds the woman that she must some add chipolatas to her shopping list!

This caption pokes fun at those family newsletters that sometimes get slipped into Christmas cards, boasting about the family's achievements through the year. A lady asks her family members if there is any tiny successes that she can exaggerate in the newsletter!


Matthew Pritchett is the much loved newspaper cartoonist from the Daily Telegraph. Better known simply as 'Matt' on account of the signature on his cartoons. I am delighted to say that Woodmansterne, after a period of absence, has released some Christmas cards featuring Matt cartoons for this year. A welcome return to our Xmas card selection.

We particularly like this one showing Santa embracing the latest technology and opting to use a fleet of drones to deliver his presents rather than the more traditional sleigh and reindeer.

Another favourite is this cartoon showing the Three Wise Men taking a selfie to commemorate their journey to Bethlehem. That will no doubt be all over social media!

Off the Leash

Off the Leash is a series of cartoons about the life of dogs featuring the well observed humour of cartoonist Rupert Fawcett. This range is a really popular everyday range and the Christmas range doesn't disappoint either.

Take a look at this cartoon showing a pair of dogs seizing the opportunity to polish off some of the Christmas dinner leftovers. A sort of pre wash for the dishwasher!

We also like this one showing a pair of Dachshunds walking in the snow. They start to worry as the snow continues to fall, as any more than three inches could mean frozen nipples!

They Can Talk

With another animal theme, the They Can Talk range features cartoons by Jimmy Craig. Wonderfully original humour and contemporary design. The Christmas range gets a bit of extra seasonal sparkle.

One of our favourites amongst all of the new Christmas cards for this year, has to be this one showing a cat casually informing its owners that it has vomited in the kitchen before remembering to wish them both a Merry Christmas!

We also really like this cartoon showing a hermit crab whose New Year resolution is just to be able to fit back into its shell.

Another great cartoon shows a penguin looking for his friend amongst a sea of similar looking penguins . . .

Hope you have enjoyed this brief introduction to the Christmas cards published by Woodmansterne. This is just a small number from our extensive range of cards. Take a look and have a laugh at this year's selection.

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  • Do you have any more of the card with the reindeer fighting because Santa mentioned Brexit?

    Mr Paul Bedford
  • Fantastic , I loved them all.

    Claire Thornton

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