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Humorous Christmas cards by Jamie Charteris

Oct 15, 2018alan auld

Jamie Charteris is a cartoonist whose humorous Christmas cards are always among our bestsellers during the festive season. Here we present some new cartoons for this year as well as some perennial favourites.

'The Bottomline' is Jamie Charteris's everyday birthday range and has been entertaining us for many years. His wonderful humour, which is always really funny without being rude or offensive, imparts his colourful cartoons with truly mass appeal. Perhaps for this reason, his Christmas cards, which are often sent to family members, also do particularly well. His ranges are split into 'Santa & Co' featuring banter between Santa and Rudolph (and sometimes the other reindeer too). His other Xmas range, 'Wit and Wisdom', tends to focus on characters from the nativity scene, such as the Three Wise Men, or humour revolving around the family gatherings. Jamie Charteris's greeting cards are published by Paperlink, a UK card publisher well known for its humour ranges.

Here are a couple of his bestselling cards that have stood the test of time. This one showing Rudolph describing just another typical Christmas, with a broken sledge and Santa in a foul mood, is always so popular. 


Another favourite cartoon shows Santa warning Rudolph against even thinking about wiping his nose on the family's curtains as they deliver their presents. However it's not his nose that he has too worry about!


New for this year, is this cartoon showing Mary and Joseph about to set off for Bethlehem. Mary goes through a checklist of things Joseph was meant to do before leaving: put the bins out, yes, lock the door, yes, book the hotel . . . at this, he evades the question and asks her to just get on the donkey. Joseph is a man after all, what else can we expect! This card has been making us all laugh at the Comedy Card Company.


Another new design shows Rudolph handing a resignation letter from one of the other reindeer to Santa. Apparently the particular reindeer has been offered a job on Strictly Come Dancing. Which reindeer? Dancer of course!


In this cartoon, Rudolph reads the mechanic's report for the sleigh, which has just had its MOT test. Bad at getting started, dodgy rear emissions . . . hang on that's Santa, the sleigh is fine! Poor Santa, the cheeky banter he has to contend with from his reindeer.


These are just a small number of our Jamie Charteris Christmas cards from classic favourites to new ones. Hope you have enjoyed taking a look at them and hope you'll take a look at our full range.

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