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Funny Father's Day cards to make Dad laugh

Jun 01, 2020alan auld

Father's Day is on 21st June this year so now is the time to pick a funny card and make him laugh.

We love Father's Day at the Comedy Card Company because the card publishers always let loose and throw some great humour towards poor old dad. There are many angles to poke fun at dad, from his DIY skills to his sporting prowess, to his love of beer, his abounding flatulence, his dodgy parenting skills, the list goes on. But of course, dad is also our hero and provider of money, advice, patience, nurturing and, er, money.

Let's take a look at some new designs for this year as well as some old favourites. Just arrived, we have some great caption cards from the ever popular On the Ceiling range published by Emotional Rescue.

Emotional Rescue have also produced a couple of funny spoof front covers of the famous Haynes manuals.

We also love this new one from Norbert and Val. Norbert is no longer charged for a haircut but his barber charges him a fee to search his few remaining hairs!

We also have some some new Father's Day cards from Woodmansterne. We love this one showing what dad passes down to us - not just his knowledge but also his genes . . .

If your dad is a Giraffe, everybody will look up to him. Great cartoon from the They Can talk range by Jimmy Craig.

Also new for this year are these hilarious cards from Kiss me Kwik. The first one refers to the popular subject of the 'Bank of Dad'-

The second one features a funny caption to an image taken from the classic Ladybird series of children's books. Dad misunderstands when his son asks him if he is alright. Wonderful stuff.

These are some our favourites of the new cards. Now let's take a look at some old favourites, staring with this one from Brainbox Candy:

Another card depicting how much money dad has spent on his children over the years. A great caption card from Waving at Trains.

Finally, our previous bestselling Father's Day card and it is still asking us laugh. A classic from Kiss me Kwik.

These are just a small selection of our Father's Day cards, all with the intention of making dad laugh on his special day.

Take a look at our Father's Day Card Range


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