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New funny greeting cards from Rosie Made a Thing

Mar 19, 2020alan auld

We are delighted to present new funny greeting cards from the award winning Rosie Made a Thing range.

It doesn't seem that long ago when we first stocked some of Rosie Made a Thing's cards (I think it was late in 2016). Back then, Rosie Harrison had only published a handful of cards. Since then, her range has grown enormously both in terms of the number of designs and also in confidence. Rosie's cards have really hit the spot with customers who appreciate her fine sense of humour combined with her lovely, contemporary designs. Winning a Henries award (the greeting card equivalent of the Oscars) for Best Humorous range was the icing on the cake for this new publisher.

There seems to be no slowing down in Rosie's energy and creative ideas. Rosie Made a Thing have just released a superb bunch of new cards, bursting with fresh humour and fun.

Let's take a look at some of the new designs. Firstly, look at this one showing Alexa making a mistake by mishearing a request to remind a lady to go to the gym - we love you Alexa!

Wonderfully observed humour in this card, describing the essential difference between the type of shampoo used by women as opposed to the types used by men: the ones men use can also be used to clean the floor or the car!

Do you remember Judith Kerr's children's book 'A Tiger Who Came to Tea'? What would a husband really think if he came home to hear about that!

Fans of Rosie's card will have an inkling that she likes the odd drink or too. Her cartoons often feature the enjoyment of a glass or two of wine, prosecco or gin and tonic. This new design suggested that a true friend will 'reach for your hand' - while also placing a large G & T in it.

Now this scenario will be very familiar to many cat owners. You're reading the paper or busy doing a pile of paperwork and very soon your cat will appear and for some reason, known only to cats, they will thrust their bottom in our face. Helpful.

Classic joke for a birthday card, suggesting that the recipient still looks like a twenty one year old with the caveat that the onlooker would need to be standing a distance away for this to apply. Cheeky!

A great card for her this one, showing a woman who, like all women, has certain needs - starting with wine . . .

Rosie has a dig about men and the suffering they go through while experiencing man flu. As you may imagine it is almost comparable to childbirth!

A woman is out shopping for a new table and asks the confused shop assistant who many loads of washing it will hold. We know what she means.

A real friend stands behind you and shoves you into a taxi in the early hours of the morning. Such moral support.

If you say 'Susan you must give up drinking' to yourself, make sure that your name is not actually Susan!

These are just a selection of some of the new designs, there are many more new ones including some great cards for milestone birthdays. Take a look!

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