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Funny cards - hilarious captions to images taken from Ladybird books

Mar 03, 2020alan auld

New cards featuring funny captions to Ladybird images.

We are delighted to present new releases in the Ladybird card range from Kiss me Kwik.

When I was at school (only a handful of years ago you understand) I remember visiting the school library and found that someone had defaced some of the Ladybird children's books, adding speech bubbles to the innocent images with vulgar (and, to my mind at the time, absolutely hilarious) suggestions. Being an immature schoolboy, these made me roar with laughter. 

Now, moving on a few years, we now sell greeting cards featuring Ladybird images with the addition of funny captions. How strange that things come round again in your life. These are much more clever and funnier than those defaced books I came across back at school. However, one thing remains the same: isn't it the innocence of these classic Ladybird children's book that makes the addition of captions so funny? 

Ladybird books were most successful during the 1960s and 1970s and often illustrated a stereotyped image of British life, Jane and Peter playing games, with Mum very much the housewife and Dad the breadwinner. 

Kiss me Kwik is a Brighton based greeting card publisher and produces greeting cards featuring the classic Ladybird images with the addition of their own hilarious captions. They have done so with success for a while. Indeed our bestselling card of 2019 was the following card about a lactose-intolerant vegan visiting a restaurant:

This is another long standing favourite, showing a girl doubting that the shoes she is trying on are in fact Jimmy Choos as she has been told!

Another bestseller is this one showing a mum asking her daughter if she thinks she is a good mother. It might have helped if she had got her name correct!

Last year, this card appeared and became a big hit. A man receives less then helpful service on a train: rather than being asked if he'd like a coffee or tea, he is actually being asked what he thinks the brown liquid is!

With these existing cards proving to be so popular, we were delighted to see some new designs being published. So without further ado, on with the new!

Here are a few of our favourites among the new ones. First of all, a classic joke about a soldier in camouflage class which has been making us laugh:

We also love this one showing a boss being asked how many employees work at his company. Rather than giving a specific number, he simply says 'half of them' (that sounds a high percentage to me!)

Another new design which features some fine humour, about a man asking for a 'book about turtles'. When questioned whether he'd like a hardback book he thinks the man is confirming what turtles look like!

These are just a selection of our Ladybird caption cards from Kiss me Kwik. We hope they have made you laugh. If you like them, take a look at the range by clickng on the link below.

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