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The Top 10 Funny Cards of 2019

Jan 09, 2020alan auld

As we start a new year, it is always interesting to have a look back at which funny cards were the most popular over the year. Let's take a look at the top ten bestselling greeting cards of 2019 . . .

I recently made the mistake of clicking on a BBC news article listing some of the famous personalities that we lost during 2019. It made quite depressing reading. Not only was it quite a lengthy list of much loved artists and celebrities but what made it extra painful was that so many seemed so young. Anyway, that prompted me to write this article on the funniest greeting cards of 2019 on a much cheerier note! Based on sales volumes at the Comedy Card Company, here are the top ten bestsellers.

In the style of a radio chart show, we will count down the top ten in the hip, cool style that comes naturally to us at the Comedy Card Company(!). Coming in at Number Ten is a classic cartoon from Matthew Pritchett, better known as MATT, the ever popular Telegraph newspaper cartoonist. 

At Number 9 is a great cartoon from the They Can Talk range. Cartoonist Jimmy Craig displays well observed humour, perfectly capturing typical cat behaviour which will be recognisable to many cat owners.

Just edging ahead in Eighth position is this greeting card featuring a great caption to a photograph showing a woman standing next to a small hill of recycling bottles. She is not ashamed about the quantity of bottles, more that some of the bottles have some alcohol left in them. Shameful!

At Number 7 is a great birthday card presented in the style of a questionnaire. Asking whether the person is childish or not, the drawing of a penis in the tick box tends to answer the question satisfactorily.

Another great caption card comes in at Sixth place. A classic doctor - patient joke, the doctor informing the patient that, after examining his hip, he has decided that the hip is not so bad after all - it's the rest of him that needs replacing!

At Number 5 is a really funny card from Twisty. A woman is disappointed at a job interview after she is told that the employer is looking for someone who can do the work of six men. She is gutted as she was looking for a full time job! Women seem to particularly like this one for some reason.

In Forth place, just missing out on a medal [hang on, are we doing a chart show or sports event?] is this colourful cartoon by Traces of Nuts. Tim Whyatt is a very successful cartoonist and we are always frustrated by the small number of designs that the publisher makes available in the UK. Anyway (that's enough ranting), this one showing a butterfly being quizzed by a traffic cop about the different photo in his driving licence is a perennial favourite.

In Third place, taking bronze, is a cartoon from The Bottomline range by Jamie Charteris. This classic range of cards has been entertaining us for many years and this new cartoon, released last year, has done so well. Another great doctor joke.

Taking Silver and our Second most popular card is this superb birthday card from the Fleet Street range by Pigment. In the style of a newspaper front page, Fleet Street features spoof headlines. Great headline showing a woman in a state of top-level excitement mode about her special day!

Drum roll please . . . light the fireworks . . . charge your glasses. As the excitement overflows, we present our bestselling funny card of 2019!

At Number One, our bestselling card, is this fabulous caption to an original image taken from a Ladybird children's book. When a man asks a waitress what she would recommend for a lactose intolerant vegan, she suggests a taxi! Fine, on trend humour from Kiss me Kwik.

There you have it. Is you favourite one here?

We stock hundreds of funny cards. Humour is a very broad church as you know.  We try hard to have the full spectrum of humour and hope to have something for everyone whether you want some cheeky banter for a friend or something to make an elderly relative smile.

A great place to start would be our Bestsellers Section



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  • I’m so glad I discovered your site last year . Cards are amazing, wouldn’t think of going anywhere else . I’m even buying them without any reason but for the humour ! B

    john stratford

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