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The Top 10 Funny Christmas cards of 2019

Dec 03, 2019alan auld

As Christmas edges ever closer, we thought it was time to take a look to see what cards have made it into the top ten bestselling cards of the season. In the style of Top of the Pops (what do you mean you don't remember that?) let's count down the favourite Christmas cards of 2019.

At number 10 we have a classic cartoon from Jamie Charteris. His Santa and Co range often features cheeky banter between Santa and Rudolph. This one is no exception!

In ninth place, we have a wonderful cartoon from Judy Horacek, showing Santa on a psychiatrist's couch with an issue of not believing in himself. We believe in you Santa!

In eighth place, we have a perennial favourite from Cath Tate. The caption suggests that three wise women would have done a far better job than the three wise men. Who could argue with that?

At number seven, is a great, topical caption from Waving at Trains. I wonder how many dinner tables will be silenced this year when someone mentions Brexit?

In sixth place is another popular cartoon from Jamie Charteris showing Rudolph who has clearly had enough of Christmas already. 

Coming in at number 5 is a card from award winning publisher Rosie Made a Thing. Featuring wonderful humour and contemporary design, this card is a previous number 1.

In forth place is another illustration from Rosie Made a Thing. It shows Rudolph who has clearly had enough of all the other reindeers laughing at him and calling him names and has taken matters into his own hands. Oh dear . . . season of goodwill and all that . . .

Taking third position this year is another classic cartoon from Jamie Charteris and his Santa and Co range. Santa warns Rudolph against wiping his nose on the curtains. If only is was his nose!

In second place is a great cartoon by Tim Whyatt and his Traces of Nuts range. An early display of upselling technique is on display at this market stall.

At the top of the charts, and this year's bestselling Christmas card is . . . 

Well I did say Jamie Charteris was popular didn't I?! He takes top spot with this cartoon suggesting the real reason why Mary had to give birth in a stable in Bethlehem.

Well there you have it, our top ten bestselling Christmas cards for 2019. Is your favourite here? We have a huge range so we're confident we will have something for your humour taste.

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