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We launch our own range of funny Christmas cards!

Nov 19, 2019alan auld

You might laugh (and we hope you do!) but we have produced some of our own Christmas cards. We couldn't resist presenting our own cartoons to add to the huge mix of funny cards we have on offer from established publishers.

At the Comedy Card Company, we are essentially like a traditional card shop. We source our cards from a large variety of greeting card publishers from all over the UK. From very large companies, with massive warehouses and fleets of sales reps, to the tiny publishers working from home (and everything in between). They all have something to offer us, from cards with mass appeal and proven commercial success to quirky, individual cards with unique humour. We hope this provides us with a wide spectrum of humour with the ultimate aim of having something for everyone's taste and having a genuinely interesting range of cards. As long as it's funny, we're happy!

For some time we have thought about publishing a few of our own cards. Surrounded by comedy, we are often inspired with funny and silly ideas for greeting cards. We often write down ideas, when they pop into our head, and put them in a shoebox. We generally then forget all about them! However, sometimes we open that shoebox and we have a flick through. As it's generally been a while since we thought of that idea, we are essentially looking at them with fresh eyes. With some of them, we think 'what on earth were we thinking'(!) but others make us chuckle a little. So we thought why not take a chance and dip our toe in the water and publish some of our own Christmas cards.

As you'll see we are not fine artists! We also don't expect our silly cartoons to be bestsellers that will rock the greeting card world(!) but we do hope you enjoy looking at them.

At Christmas, the Three Wise Men always come in for a hard time. The disbelief that there were ever three wise men and also their inappropriate gifts gives plenty of material for cartoonists.


Santa Claus as you might imagine features heavily on many Christmas cards, including humorous ones. We liked the idea that, before he existed, the red hats that he famously wears were still in existence but nobody bought them. I wonder what everyone wore to the office Christmas party back then . . .

When you get a puncture these days, you often open the boot of your car to find a tiny space-saving wheel rather than a normal sized tyre. We wondered if Santa might have the same problem if one of his reindeer snuffs it en route to delivering his presents.

If you were Santa Claus, who would you put on your naughty list? We reckon this year might be a record breaking year!

Now, if you were a fairy (bear with us with this one), what type of fairy would you be? Spare a thought for the poor fairy whose job it is to sit on top of the tree each year . . .

Brussel Sprouts are a real marmite vegetable (if you know what I mean!). Apparently you either have a gene that detects a bitter taste in sprouts or you don't. If you are missing that gene, then sprouts taste ok. If you don't like sprouts, you can explain to everyone that it's all down to your genetics. So leave us alone and give us some extra pigs-in-blankets please.

I wonder how many Christmas dinner tables will be silenced this year by someone mentioning Brexit. Just remember it's a time for peace and goodwill! My dad always said you shouldn't discuss politics, religion or money and the older I get the more I think he was completely right. They are only sources of arguments, disagreements and division. Anyway, if a heated argument erupts when your family gets together this year just remember to quickly bring out a large tray of carefully stacked Ferrero Rocher - the distraction always worked for that ambassador fellow in the TV adverts anyway.

Dogs simply love the snow don't they? All that running around in the white fluffy stuff, trying to find their ball, buried deep in the snow. However spare a thought for the short-legged Dachshund and his lower-slung anatomy!

Of course grown men can be the most enthusiastic participants over the festive period. They just love all the preparation, present buying and gift wrapping, don't they? Calm down men, you're getting over excited! Just try on your lovely new socks and behave.

We hope you enjoyed looking through our range of Christmas cards. (We won't be offended if you didn't.) Please have a truly enjoyable Christmas. Just remember not to mention Brexit at any time and also drink responsibly . . .

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