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Funny Christmas cards by Emotional Rescue

Oct 24, 2019alan auld

We were delighted to welcome Emotional Rescue to our stable of funny greeting cards earlier this year. Our lovely customers appear to enjoy the humour in these cards as much as we do, with the range proving to be very popular.

We are therefore thrilled to be able to present Christmas cards from Emotional Rescue for the first time and we're sure they will be a worthy addition to our seasonal line up.

On the Ceiling is one of Emotional Rescue's most popular ranges and one of the best caption ranges we know. Let's take a look at some of our favourite Christmas cards from this range.

Alcohol always features heavily in Xmas card humour. In this design, we see a couple standing in front of a table laden with an enormous amount of wine / Champagne bottles. They suddenly realise that they hadn't accounted for Boxing Day so think that they must order some more!

A personal favourite is this one showing Santa being accosted by a little girl, reeling off her present list. He interrupts her and asks if she could wait until he's finished having his poo! 

Family gatherings are another popular subject for seasonal jokes. The caption suggests a perfect, happy family enjoying each others company. However, the photo paints a somewhat different picture!

Ah yes, the traditional joy of carol singers. In this card, we can see Mark who is fully prepared for a visit from carol singers - not with a bag of coins to donate or a plate of mince pies to offer around however: the photo shows him brandishing a shot gun! Please so not get any ideas yourself.

Two cards with the caption relating to the effort of food preparation for the big day. In the first card, a lady is making a Christmas pudding. She has got to the point in the recipe which suggests adding in some leftover wine to the mix. 'Leftover wine'? - she can't image such a thing.

In the second card, a woman simply decides that all this cooking is just too boring for words. She wonders if this is why Gordon Ramsay sears so much.

A man wears his present of a jumper, with a less than happy expression on his face. There is one thing that would cheer him up though - the receipt so he can exchange it!

Not coping well without an internet connection over Christmas, a man appears to have gone slightly mad. He is sitting, wearing a turkey hat on his head after having written 'I am turkey' all over the walls.

You can't beat a classic joke can you? A lady is looking for a book about pantomimes. Where is it? It's behind you, of course. Don't groan.

Is mum good at wrapping. 'Fo Sho!' she cries. Indeed mum is good at wrapping and rapping too.

Something from the Kama Sutra this Christmas dear? She seems interested but, unfortunately for the man, she misunderstands and thinks he is suggesting a meal from the local Indian Restaurant!

The Norbert and Val cartoon range features an adorable couple of the same name and is another long standing success story for Emotional Rescue. Look at this card showing Norbert pushing a garden hose through his snowman to make it look like he is waving a wee - much to the amusement of the passing children.

Val is not happy about the large pile of dishes stacked up on the kitchen worktop on the very day that her dishwasher is out of action - the dishwasher in question being Norbert, who has had way too much to drink to be of any use!

Norbert is enjoying a Bond movie on TV. Val asks him which one he is watching to which he simply replies 'James'.

When a man calls at the house, collecting for the local old people's home, the children are more than happy to donate their dad!

Seriously Just Kidding is a range featuring contemporary design with bold colours. By award winning designer Soula Zavacopoulos, we really like the simplicity of the designs and the great humour.

'I got you something for Christmas' reads the message on the card, promising a gift of some kind. However, the card goes on to state that they are holding said gift!

We can't argue with the statement suggesting that a piece of folded card makes the perfect way to say 'Merry Christmas'. At the Comedy Card Company, we actually think this is perfectly true!

Finally, Emotional Rescue also publish a range entitled 'Wet Your Whistle', often focussing on the clink clink of glasses over the festive season. We like the play on words of the 'Gin-Girl all the way' card and also the card where the lady asks for a straw in the bottle rather than a glass!

We hope you enjoyed looking at some of our favourite Christmas cards from Emotional Rescue and hope they made you giggle.

Why not take a look at our full range of Christmas Cards ?



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