Funny new additions to the Cath Tate card range

Feb 21, 2017alan auld

We welcome lots of new funny greeting cards to the Cath Tate range

Cath Tate publishes a wide range of humorous cards from classic cartoons, contemporary illustrations to funny captions of old photographs. 

Newly released, is a range of vintage cartoons by Donald McGill. McGill was one of the most successful cartoonists in the heyday of cheeky seaside postcards, which peaked between the mid 1930s and mid 1950s - a British coastal tradition at the time. He was described as 'The king of the saucy postcard', some of his designs featuring rude double entendre. In the early 1950s, the newly elected government saw an apparent deterioration in Britain's morals and ordered a crack down on saucy seaside postcards. In 1954 Donald McGill (in his eighties) was found guilty of breaking the Obscene Publications Act. The saucy postcard industry was dealt a heavy blow - many postcards were destroyed and retailers cancelled orders. In the height of his fame, Donald only received three guineas per design, though nowadays his original artwork can fetch thousands of pounds. It is a testament to his comic genius that Donald McGill's cartoons can still make us chuckle today, when we consider that he was born in 1875.


We also have a few new cartoons by Australian cartoonist Judy Horacek, our favourite being about a new superhero - say hello to Apostrophe Man!


Photocaptions is one of Cath Tate's most enduring ranges. Featuring captions to old photographs, one of our favourite of the new designs shows a photograph of a half demolished house with the caption 'Gone for materials. Back in a couple of weeks.' which will resonate with people who have had building work done!


Michael Leunig is one of our personal favourite cartoonists, wonderfully quirky and truly funny. Leunig lives in Melbourne and in 1999 he was declared an Australian Living Treasure. Here is one of our new cards featuring a Leunig cartoon . .


We also have several humorous cards from the Cats & Chickens range. These cards tend to feature either cats or chickens - the clue is in the name! One of our favourites is one where a cat has returned home very late after an eventful night and is not in the mood to explain . .


Life is Rosie is another caption range, colourful cards with a great sense of humour. One of our favourite new ones shows a woman who has looked at her BMI score and come to the conclusion that she is clearly too short!


We also welcome some designs by The Surreal McCoy - wonderfully silly humour. Our favourite is the supermarket self checkout cartoon . .


Take a look at our entire Cath Tate card range.

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