We launch our funny Valentine's Day cards for 2017!

Jan 30, 2017alan auld

Romance is in the air as February the 14th approaches - take a look at our funny Valentines cards for 2017

At the Comedy Card Company, we only sell funny cards (as the name suggests!) so come Valentine's Day we bypass all the nauseating, lovey-dovey cards and go straight for humour! Anything humorous, whether its gentle, heart warming stuff to slightly cheeky to the downright rude, can make it onto our Valentines collection as long as it's funny.

What better gift to give on Valentine's Day than a smile? ( . . . well I guess an engagement ring, a massive bouquet of flowers, nice holiday, a wad of cash . . . oh get real).

We can't wait to show you some of this year's favourites . . .

We love this caption from the Drama Queen range, with a man gloriously mis-reading the situation!


Wonderful, contemporary design and quirky humour from Rosie Made a Thing, showing a man in full 'wooing' mode. Rosie Made a Thing was the 2016 winner of the Best Humour range in the Henries - the greeting card awards.


Typically sarcastic, dry humour from Modern Toss, with a woman knocking on doors and offering a pole dance.


Buddy Fernandez produce simple, boldly designed cards with fantastically honest messages for the recipient. This is a classic from their Valentines range.


Lovely design with an hilarious and sexy message for the recipient. Great humour from Brainbox Candy, one of our best selling ranges.

These are just a few of our favourite Valentine's day cards - view the full range.









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