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Hilarious new birthday cards from Pigment

Sep 04, 2018alan auld

Ever popular publisher Pigment has just released some great new cards, including some hilarious birthday cards.

At the Comedy Card Company, we are always delighted to show you some new cards. Pigment is a greeting card publisher that produces some great humorous cards with mass appeal. They have recently released some new designs and there are some particularly good birthday cards amongst the new material.

Fleet Street is one of their most popular ranges featuring spoof headlines in the style of a vintage newspaper front page. One of our favourites of the new designs is this one showing a birthday girl ready to party . . . sound asleep on a park bench!

We also love this caption card showing a man having a consultation with his doctor. On reflection the consultant has decided that it would be best to cancel the hip replacement operation - indeed, he has decided to keep his hip and replace the rest of him! Makes for a great birthday card. From the Riff Raff range.

Another new card, this time from the brightly coloured Nutty Neon range is this fiftieth birthday card. It looks like someone has phoned to wish the woman many happy returns on turning fifty. However, in blissful denial, she simply suggests that the caller has the wrong number!

Yet another wonderful new birthday card is this one from the Ribticklers range. The cheeky caption is suggesting that the recipient is getting to the age where they are quite likely to walk into a room but forget why they have done so! [Editor's note: Isn't that quite normal?]

These are just a few favourites from Pigment's new releases. Click below to view the whole Pigment range.

View our Pigment Greeting Card Range

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