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The Top 10 Funniest Greeting cards of 2018

Aug 02, 2018alan auld

At the Comedy Card Company, we live and breathe funny greeting cards. For a bit of fun, let's take a look at the top ten bestselling humorous cards of 2018. Have a laugh at these . . .

Our most popular card features a cartoon showing a man demonstrating his new cycling outfit to his wife, while leaving an unfortunate shadow on the wall behind him! Great humour from cartoonist Peter Nesbit and the Rainbow range of birthday cards.

Taking silver this year is a brilliant cartoon by Tim Whyatt. A butterfly is pulled over by the police and asked to show his driving licence. He explains that it's an old photo in his licence as the policeman looks at a photograph of a caterpillar. Great humour from the Traces of Nuts range.

Our third bestselling card is a perennial favourite from Dean Morris. A really cheeky birthday card with a caption suggesting that you know you're getting old when all your friends start to smell of wee!

In forth position is a new card from Pigment. Another hilarious caption card which shows a lady surrounded by lots of empty bottles. The caption suggests that she is ashamed - not by the sheer number of empties in her recycling bin, more by the fact that she has left some alcohol in one of the bottles!

Taking fifth place, is a wonderful card from Rosie Made a Thing. This range recently won a Henries Award (the greeting card equivalent of the Oscars) award for Best Humorous Range and it's easy to see why. Combining contemporary design with great humour, Rosie creates designs that people can really relate to. This one makes a superb birthday card for her.

At number six is this cheeky card from Paperlink. Taking the form of a questionnaire, it asks the person if they are childish. Given that they have added a 'b' to the end of the 'No' answer to make 'nob' and then gone on to drawn a willy in the tick box, I think that answers the question perfectly well!

In seventh place is a long standing favourite. Featuring a classic cartoon taken from the famous New Yorker magazine, a magazine noted for its fine sense of satirical humour. This one shows Noah's Ark in a spot of bother after taking a pair of Woodpeckers on board!

In eighth position is a birthday card with an hilarious cartoon showing the disastrous consequences of not wearing a sports bra to a Zumba class. Great humour from cartoonist Lee Fearnley who signs his cartoons simply as Fernz. 

At number nine is another great birthday card. Suggesting that the recipient is reaching their 'wonder years', the card goes on to suggest that rather than their glorious golden years, this means that they literally wonder where their glasses are and what day it is!

Completing our round up of the top ten funniest cards, is this cracker from Kiss me Kwik. One of the most original caption cards we have have seen lately, this card shows a mother and daughter. The mother asks her child if she is a good mother but blows it by getting her name wrong! Superb humour from Kiss me Kwik.

Well there you have it. The ten best selling funny cards of 2018 thus far. Is your favourite here? Click on the link below to see our bestselling cards.

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