Hilarious new range of birthday cards by Fernz - Meet Bob - Comedy Card Company

Hilarious new range of birthday cards by Fernz - Meet Bob

Jun 12, 2018alan auld

We welcome a brand new range of funny birthday cards by cartoonist Lee Fearnley ('Fernz')

Lee Fearnley, who signs his cartoons simply as Fernz, is a very popular cartoonist. He created the 'Look at it This Way' range which is a firm favourite at the Comedy Card Company. Recently he has been working on new cartoons and we think they are truly hilarious. Say hello to Bob, our hapless hero, who seems to find himself in the most awkward of situations! These colourful greeting cards all have 'Happy Birthday' printed inside and the range is aptly named 'Bob On'.

We love this card showing Bob floating in a lifebuoy as the cruise ship sails on without him. He misheard someone say 'A band on ship' - poor Bob thought they said 'Abandon ship!'

Now this is an easy mistake to make isn't it? Naturalists versus naturists - they sound so similar but when you turn up to a local group, you should really make sure you are at the correct one! How embarrassing.

'No strings attached guarantees' are all very well but be careful how to interpret the meaning, especially is you are about to go on a parachute jump!

Another favourite from the new range is this one showing Bob misreading the notice for the local Pilates class, turning up in his full Pirate costume! Bless him, he is still taking part though.

These are just a few designs from the range. View the entire Fernz range of birthday cards. 


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