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Our Top 5 Funny Father's Day cards

Jun 07, 2018alan auld

We love Father's Day at the Comedy Card Company. Whereas the card publishers are quite restrained about their humour on Mother's Day, they really seem to go to town poking fun at dear old Dad on Father's Day!

Here we present our top 5 funniest Father's Day cards for 2018. Drum roll please!

We love this card from Simon Spicer with an hilarious caption to an image taken from a Ladybird children's book showing a dad who seems to have forgotten his son's name!


A humorous card from Brainbox Candy, with a message for dad suggesting that they are 'alright' despite what mum says about him!

A firm favourite for this year is this one showing a father flying a kite with his son. While dad is preoccupied with getting the kite airborne, the son makes a dash for it!

A cheeky card suggesting that Father's Day is the most important day of the year - however, that is after Christmas, Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, the sender's birthday and even pancake day!

Lovely humour from Tottering by Gently, demonstrating that when a man says he is going to do a chore around the house, he will. There is no need to keep reminding him (every six months!)

These are just a few of our favourite Father's Day cards. We have a large selection of cards with a wide range of humour. Take a look!

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