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New greeting cards from Tottering by Gently

May 03, 2018alan auld

Tottering by Gently is a popular cartoon strip that has appeared on the back page of the Country Life magazine since 1993. Having recently marked this 25 year anniversary, we take a took at the story behind Tottering.

'It is because of Annie Tempest that most people read magazines backwards' Duke of Devonshire, At Home with the Totterings

The wonderful artist behind the Tottering by Gently cartoons is Annie Tempest. Annie was born in Zambia but at the age of 12 she moved to the UK when her father inherited Broughton Hall in Norfolk. This dilapidated stately home is undoubtedly the inspiration for 'Tottering Hall'. Despite its leaking roof and draughty rooms it still led to a vision of aristocratic rural life, which Annie absorbed through fresh eyes. Her father is the inspiration behind Lord Tottering, known and Dicky, whereas Lady Tottering, 'Daffy', was originally inspired by a neighbour but Annie admits that nowadays Daffy is more and more like herself. Her own children have inspired the Tottering's grandchildren.

In the cartoon strip, Tottering Hall is located in the peaceful rural village of Tottering-by-Gently within the fictional county of North Pimmshire. The cartoons follow Dicky and Daffy as they deal with life as they grow older. Regularly joined by their grandchildren and beloved dogs Scribble and Slobber.

'Tottering portrays a cast of characters endearingly absent minded and tipsy, surrounded by labradors, horses, guns, Agas and endless bottle . . . It is brilliantly observed, affectionate portrayal of a way of aristocratic rural life, changing irrevocably as it adapts to the modern world.' Charlotte Metcalf, Spears magazine, September 2012

We are delighted to present some new greeting cards featuring some hilarious Tottering by Gently cartoons. Annie Tempest is a fine artist but also a master of observational humour. Many of her cartoons are inspired from actual comments made by friends, family, and acquaintances. Her father, and the funny things he says, is often drawn upon to create her cartoons featuring Lord Tottering.

This a favourite among the new designs, showing Lady Tottering taking the upper hand during a disagreement and making it clear this argument has come to an end while she is winning!

We also love this one showing Dicky and Daffy discussing how things change as you get older, though sometimes this can be advantageous . . .

This one demonstrates Annie Tempest's talent for observational humour, the grandmother at the receiving end of all of the grandchildren's attention whereas the grandfather is largely left alone to read his newspaper . . .

Another of our favourites among the new releases, is this card showing Lady Tottering complaining that it is unfair how men seem to wake up looking relatively unchanged overnight whereas she seems to deteriorate! 

This greeting card shows the Tottering's two dogs - Scribble and Slobber - demonstrating that they are not roused from their sleep on the sofa when doorbell rings or even when a burglar breaks in but seem to be able to hear a carrot being peeled(!) in the kitchen, announcing that food may shortly be available . . .

We love the humour in this cartoon. Lord Tottering asks his wife to remind him what the computer password is. When she replies that it's their wedding anniversary date, this leaves Dicky in hot water - surely he remembers that date?!

These are just some of the new greeting cards from the Tottering by Gently range. Why not take a look at our Tottering by Gently range

Here is a video showing an interview with Annie Tempest describing her inspirations . . .

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