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New funny cards from Off the Leash

Apr 19, 2018alan auld

With the Off the Leash range, cartoonist Rupert Fawcett has created a very funny range of greeting cards. Focussed on dogs, their attitude to life and their relationship with humans, the aptly named 'Off the Leash' range has proved to be very popular. His observations are particularly well received by dog owners who recognise the same behaviours in their own dogs.

This design is one of the most popular in the range, showing a dog who is showing off after attending obedience classes.

The range is published by Woodmansterne and they have recently released several new designs featuring some wonderful new cartoons. We love this one showing two dogs planning for their lazy week ahead. It's a dog's life after all!

Another particular favourite is this card illustrating the various roles that a dog can take in the household from important jobs such as security to more dubious ones such as chief sock distributor!

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