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Humorous Christmas cards by Fernz

Oct 19, 2017alan auld

New for this year we have humorous Christmas cards by popular cartoonist Lee Fearnley, who signs his cartoons simply as Fernz.

At the Comedy Card Company, our 'Fernz' range, featuring the comedy talents of Lee Fearnley, are very popular cards throughout the year. It consists of two ranges - 'Look at it This Way' was the original range and focuses on humour from a woman's perspective. Our best selling card in this range features a woman in a Zumba class having a bit of a bra disaster . . .

More recently, the publisher launched a male focused range aptly called 'Look at it His Way'. Our 'Try to avoid eating anything fatty' card is our top seller from this range, showing a man getting some dietary advice from his doctor . . .

Given their popularity, we are delighted to be stocking some Christmas cards by Lee Fearnley this year. We love this one showing a husband admiring a lovely Xmas pudding, with his wife insisting that she has made it herself. 'Of course I made it myself! I don't just stand around here drinking red wine you know' she says while holding the packaging for a luxury Christmas pudding behind her back! It just so happens that she is also holding a glass of red wine as she says this!

How about this one showing a woman handing over her husband's Christmas present, wrapped in such a way as to leave little to the imagination! [Think it might be a book.]


Now this lady had got the right idea, interpreting the bit in the recipe about simmering with red wine to mean take a lovely bath while enjoying some wine. That sounds like a perfect recipe to me!


We hope you like these colourful cartoons. Take a look at our full range of Funny Christmas Cards



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