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Funny Christmas cards by Jamie Charteris

Nov 06, 2017alan auld

One of the most popular and enduring Christmas card ranges are the ones featuring the funny cartoons of Jamie Charteris

Our Christmas cards featuring the cartoons of Jamie Charteris are enduring favourites and his designs always feature in the best selling lists at this time of year.

His festive ranges are split into 'Santa & Co' and 'Wit and Wisdom'. Santa & Co feature mainly Santa and Rudolph, appearing as a bit of a comedy double act, often abusing each other's weaknesses! Meanwhile, the Wit and Wisdom range features humour revolving around other aspects of Christmas such as Nativity and the Wise Men, the turkey, and the family at Christmas.

Here are a few favourites that prove to be very popular year on year:

This satirical card shows Santa becoming irritable and bad tempered over a broken down sledge, Rudolph remarking that its just the same as every other Christmas! Our second best-selling Xmas card of last year.

Another really popular card shows the Three Wise Men searching for the baby Jesus, a market stall holder in Bethlehem who mishears them is excited to show them his 'baby cheeses'!

Another perennial favourite is the one showing Santa and Rudolph enjoying a break and a biscuit - Santa realising his mistake of choosing a penguin over a kit kat!

We are excited to present lots of new designs for this year. Some classic 'Santa & Co' humour is on display with this one about Santa's sleigh being low on oil, with a remark about checking the dipstick being cheekily misinterpreted as meaning checking with Santa!

Another new design is this one showing Rudolph in an entrepreneurial spirit, with a great idea to sell snowmen to the unsuspecting customer - self assembly is required!

Another favourite amongst the new designs is this own showing some more banter between Santa and Rudolph; Rudolph warns of an ice hole and Santa, mishearing, assumes he is being cheeky again!

At the Comedy Card Company, we currently have over twenty five Christmas card designs featuring the classic humour of popular cartoonist Jamie Charteris. We think they sell well because they are colourful, truly funny, cheeky without being offensive. We hope you have enjoyed looking at some of our current favourites.

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  • Hi looking for a funny christmas card I saw last year — two people [talking animals] talking, showing each other their presents, One said – I got a laptop [showing him it] the other one said Holding his black raincoat open * I got an apple mac! * [yhere were apples hanging inside the coat.

    Can’t find it can you help please?


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