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This year's humorous Christmas cards by Rainbow

Nov 21, 2017alan auld

The classic humour of the Rainbow card range is very popular throughout the year and their Christmas cards are no exception.

Rainbow cards produce a range of greeting cards featuring the classic humour of 'The Funny Side of Life' cartoons. Timeless humour presented in colourful cartoons, these cards are also good value especially given their larger than average size (approximately 8 x 6 inches). In 2016, Rainbow cards won the Henry Cole award in the Henries Awards, which are the greeting card industry's equivalent of the Oscars. The prestigious Henry Cole award is awarded to card ranges that have stood the test of time and are considered to be truly classic ranges.

This is our best selling Rainbow card during the year. The cartoon shows a man proudly displaying his bike while wearing his new cycling outfit, leaving an unfortunate shadow!

Every Christmas, Rainbow releases a new range of Christmas cards. We are delighted to present this year's collection as we think this year's cards are particularly funny. One of our favourites, is this cartoon showing a rather grumpy looking man at Christmas, his wife telling her friend that this is actually him on good form compared to the rest of the year!

We also love this one showing a pair of snowmen preparing for a night out, one of whom has spent too long drying her hair with disastrous results, as her head has melted! Great fun from cartoonist Peter Nesbit.

Another great card shows a festive weather report, forecasting that there is likely to be lots of wind from Brussels - Brussel Sprouts of course! Lovely humour by cartoonist Simon Nevin.

For a bit of seasonal dog humour, this card shows a dog that has quickly chewed though its present without even pausing to see what it was! I think it might to true to say that dogs seem to prefer ripping up the packaging than the actual present.

Another great card is this one showing Santa having problems getting his sleigh started. When you have a sleigh this equates to you being unable to rouse your reindeers from their deep sleep! Another fine cartoon by Peter Nesbit.

These are just some of this year's Christmas cards by Rainbow. They are all great value at £1.99 each.

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