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Top 10 Funny Christmas Cards of 2017

Nov 30, 2017alan auld

Let's take a look at the funniest Christmas cards of 2017

At the Comedy Card Company we live and breathe funny cards and Christmas is no exception. All that joy and goodwill in the air makes for some great satirical humour!

Taking 10th position in our bestseller list this year, is this wonderful card by Modern Toss. A father shopping for a Train Set is offered an up to date version, complete with bus replacement service!

At number 9 is a card by Twizler showing a group of polar bears enjoying some red wine (or is it mulled wine). Inevitably, one of them has spilled it down themselves.

Coming in at number 8 is a funny card from Santa & Co by cartoonist Jamie Charteris. Santa & Co tends to feature banter between Santa and a rather cheeky Rudolph. Here, there is a suggestion that the sleigh may be low on oil, prompting the call to check the dipstick - the dipstick? . . but he's too busy!

Taking 7th spot is a humorous caption card by Cath Tate, suggesting how much better three wise women would have been!

At number is this one by Drama Queen. Alex Lowe writes some brilliant captions to old theatrical photographs, and this is our most popular Drama Queen Xmas card. Two old dears remember all the booze but seem to have forgotten the turkey!

Another card by Santa & Co takes 5th position. Santa warns Rudolph against wiping his nose on the curtains as they deliver a family's presents. However, behind Rudolph, the curtains are tucked somewhere even less savoury!

At number 4 is another perennial favourite from Santa & Co. This cartoon shows Rudolph on the phone, describing another typical Christmas, with a broken sledge, bad weather and a stroppy Santa!

In bronze position at number is a bit of topical political satire from Oliver Preston. With the option of heading one way towards Trump or another towards Brexit, Santa decides to stay away from it all and remain sitting on the beach. Who can blame him!

Our 2nd most popular Christmas card this year is a wonderful design by Rosie Made a Thing. Rudolph has clearly had enough of all the other reindeer calling him names and has taken some drastic action!

Drum roll! Our number Christmas card for this year is another card by Rosie Made a Thing. This was also last year's favourite. A little girl's Dear Santa letter reveals that she has been naughty (but she feels it was worth it), finishing off with calling him a judgmental b*stard for judging her behaviour!

There you have it, our top ten bestselling Christmas cards for 2017. We have almost 400 humorous Christmas cards to choose from as well as about 60 rather rude ones.

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