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The Funniest Valentines cards of 2018

Jan 29, 2018alan auld

At the Comedy Card Company, we love funny cards and believe that if you are going to give someone a card then it should make them laugh or at least smile. This Valentine's Day, what better way to show someone you love them than by giving them a funny card. Go on, make your loved one laugh!

As Valentine's Day approaches (can't you just feel the romance in the air?) let's take a look at some of the funniest cards on offer this year.

One of our favourites is this new design from Rosie Made a Thing, suggesting that being with your partner is just like winning the lottery - but without the money of course!

Or how about this one from Brainbox Candy. A simple, bold design which clearly states that the sender loves the recipient unconditionally. All going well until we read the small print.

Here, we have a fine looking young man wearing a jumper. Now, what is that jumper made from? Ah yes, 'Boyfriend Material' of course! Great humour from Kiss me Kwik.

We love this card featuring the quirky humour of the Good Things range. A simple explanation showing the rules of the game on Valentine's Day!

Wonderful, original humour from Paper Plane. Initially it sounds like the sender really wants the recipient - is this sexual passion? Oh no, the recipient is wanted to put the bins out!

For once, it really is important to read the small print! Clever card from Cardelicious.

Here is a fine demonstration of true love - Fred has let Penelope have full control over the TV remote! (For how long I wonder?)

Lovely card from Cath Tate. Yes, the sender loves the recipient with all of their heart. Though, of course, technically speaking this excludes that part of the heart involved in blood circulation. Quite right to point that out.

Another funny card by Brainbox Candy with a cheeky message delivered in the style of a chalk noticeboard. Being an innocent type, I have no idea what a 'foo foo' is but anything that goes 'woo woo' must a lot of fun!

We love this card, another one from Rosie Made a Thing, showing a man standing naked with a single red rose between his teeth. If there was any doubt, the caption informs the recipient that she is being wooed.

These are just a few of our favourite Valentine's Day cards. We have loads more to choose from - take a look!

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