The Henries Award for Best Humorous Range goes to . . . - Comedy Card Company

The Henries Award for Best Humorous Range goes to . . .

Feb 05, 2018alan auld

The Henries Awards are the greeting card industry's equivalent of the Oscars. At the Comedy Card Company, we only sell funny cards so we're always particularly interested in the Best Humorous Range category, both the nominees and the winner.

At the latest Henries Awards, in October 2017, the Best Humorous Range award went to . . . . (drum roll please) . . . the Cloud Nine range.

A well deserved winner, the Cloud Nine range features funny statements, boldly written in silver or gold foil, set against a brightly coloured background. The range is published by Redback Cards.

We love this one revealing the most expensive part of raising children - all the wine that is required to get you through parenthood!

A great birthday card poking fun at the recipient's advancing age. The sender has decided not to make any more age-related jokes - the recipient is just too old now for this to be funny!

Some classic humour about gym membership and how often we actually go to the gym.

A great card for a Prosecco queen!

All of our Cloud Nine cards can be found within our Redback Section.

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  • Be they rude or be they funny
    They’re certainly good value for money.

    Maureen Toyn

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