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New arrivals to our funny Christmas card range!

Oct 05, 2021Alan Auld

Christmas is coming - whether we're ready or not! We have lots of new cards to give this year's range of funny Christmas cards a bit of extra seasonal sparkle!

After the misery of 2020, we are all hoping for a fabulous Christmas this year. What better way to spread some seasonal cheer than to make your friends and family laugh with one of our humorous cards?

Alongside some perennial favourites, we also have some great new designs which have certainly made us giggle. We still have more to come but we couldn't wait to give you a sneak peek of what's arrived so far. To kick off, take a look at this great cartoon from Berger & Wyse

We also love this one, showing a Mafia gang using a Xmas tree netting tube to help dispose of their victims! Very dark but funny too.

Rosie Made a Thing is one of our bestselling publishers throughout the year and her Christmas cards are not too bad either! We love this one showing a lady being asked to 'say when' as her wine glass is filled with red wine - it is up to her shoulders before she says 'when'!

Let's hope there is peace on earth this year and we don't have to settle for socks instead . . .

We also love this one showing a woman delighted to have discovered that there are no rules about not eating trifle for breakfast - especially at this time of year.

Our range of humorous Christmas cards would not be complete without the colourful cartoons of Jamie Charteris and his ever-popular Santa & Co range. As well as some timeless cartoons that sell year after year, he has also produced a number of new designs for this year too. 

Rudolph has jumped on the takeaway delivery bandwagon, but rather than 'Deliveroo' he works for 'Deliveroody' - of course.

We are sure this one will be one of this year's best sellers. Perfect doctor - patient joke . . .

Here we see Santa 'jumping ship': he just can't take any more as Rudolph tries to entertain him with jokes taken from Xmas crackers.

A classic misunderstanding over a request for pigs in blankets . . .

The Sat Nav may be more accurate than Santa thinks. Love the expression on Rudolph's face!

From the Out of the Ark range, an hilarious caption showing a pair of tree lights discussing if they are working over Christmas or not. 

Back to cartoons, we have a brilliant one from Tim Whyatt and his Traces of Nuts range. Santa has no problem creeping into people's houses nowadays because everyone is busy staring that their smart phone!

From the popular Norbert & Val range, published by Emotional Rescue, a new cartoon showing Santa and Rudolph struggling to build their flat-packed sleigh!

Great to see the Fred cartoons back in print, thanks to Woodmansterne. Always loved the dry humour of cartoonist Rupert Fawcett.

From the They Can Talk range by cartoonist Jimmy Craig, comes this cartoon showing a dog illustrating just why he loves Xmas so much. He's in the prime spot under the dinner table.

If you want to be glutton-free rather than gluten-free this year, select a tiny bird . . .

Some new captions from the Irene and Gladys range for this year too. Irene and Gladys being two elderly ladies that visit an at gallery and comment on the artworks.

Artist Simon Drew's 'spot the . . ' range is always popular, a card and a puzzle rolled into one! This new illustration is perfect for Christmas.

Dandelion Stationery had a warm welcome to our stable of funny cards this year, proving to be very popular with our customers. They combine beautiful illustration with lovely humour. We were therefore keen to have some of their Christmas card offerings too!

and staying with the Gin theme . . . !

Modern Toss is one of our guilty pleasures. I say guilty because their cartoons are sometimes very rude, but we just love the dry humour. These are a couple of new ones for this year.

The cards published by Twizler, featuring the cartoons of Michael Canine, always sell well at this time of year. Here are a couple of new ones:

These are just a few of our new Christmas cards. We still have more to come and our range is huge as it is! Hope they get you in the seasonal mood.

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