New funny cards from Rosie Made a Thing - Comedy Card Company

New funny cards from Rosie Made a Thing

Sep 29, 2021Alan Auld

Rosie Made a Thing is one of our most popular publishers, producing funny greeting cards that combine fabulous humour and contemporary design, so we are excited to present some brand new designs.

Rosie is a talented lady, creating wonderfully funny cards that delight our customers year after year. Having started her greeting card company as recently as 2015, she has gone on to win Henries Awards for the Most Humorous Card Range (the Henries are the greeting card equivalent of the Oscars - and just as glamorous!) and has grown to become our best selling card publisher.

We are also glad to report that she has made the move to being plastic free, starting to supply her cards with a paper clasp rather than any cellophane wrapping. We fully support this move. More and more of our suppliers now supply their cards 'naked', without any plastic wrapping, and we always ask for them to be supplied this way whenever possible.

This month, she has released some new designs which we think are simply wonderful. We hope these will make you and your recipients giggle . . .

See all of our Rosie Made a Thing Cards

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  • I just love love love all your cards, can’t stop laughing.

    Patricia Price
  • Merry Crimble&much Jollyer Year to you all x


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