New greeting cards featuring the comic talents of Alex Lowe

Aug 15, 2017alan auld

Wonderfully funny new card designs from Drama Queen, Irene & Gladys and Tools of the Trade, with captions all written by Alex Lowe.

Some of our most popular cards that feature satirical captions - Drama Queen, Irene & Gladys, and Tools of the Trade - all share one thing, namely the writing talents of Alex Lowe. 

Alex Lowe is a talented comedian, actor and writer. He has appeared in films (including Much Ado about Nothing and Peter's Friends) and many TV shows such as Peter Kay's Phoenix Nights, Bremner, Bird and Fortune, and The Fast Show to name but a few. 

In 2005, he began calling a London talk radio station, LBC, as 'Barry from Watford'. The character Barry became very popular with listeners. A stage show followed entitled 'Let's talk to Barry', alongside Catherine Tate and Iain Lee, the original DJ that 'Barry' used to phone up on LBC. Here is a video with a recording of one of Barry's calls to Iain Lee on LBC radio.

Barry from Watford is now a regular contributor on BBC Radio 2's Steve Wright in the Afternoon show.

For us at the Comedy Card Company, it is Alex Lowe's comic writing skills which are most of interest. He has penned some truly hilarious captions for the Drama Queen range of greeting cards. Drama Queen is a hugely popular and successful range of cards. It features funny captions to original, old theatrical photographs. It has been nominated for a Henry Cole Classic Award in the Henries. The Henries are the greeting card industry's equivalent of the Oscars and the Henry Cole Award is awarded to a range that has stood the test of time, a true classic.

We are delighted to announce that Drama Queen has released several new designs. They have a slightly fresher look. These are a couple of our favourites. We love the idea that going to the kitchen to fetch a Gin & Tonic can be added to your fitbit steps!


Take a look at our Drama Queen range.

Alex Lowe is also responsible for the adorable Irene & Gladys range, featuring the thoughts of two elderly ladies as they visit an art gallery and view some fine paintings. Here is one of our favourites of the new designs, showing Irene and Gladys mistaking the bewigged medieval character as a painting of Brian May from Queen!

Alex Lowe has also penned the captions to the Tools of the Trade range. This range of cards features somewhat idealistic images from the Ladybird book era, showing tradesmen /professionals at work, with suitably satirical captions from Alex! We love the one about the train announcer at a railway station . . .

You can find our Irene & Gladys and Tools of the Trade cards in our Cardmix section.

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