New Off the Leash and On the Prowl cards

Aug 23, 2017alan auld

We welcome some new designs from the Off the Leash and On the Prowl range, by cartoonist Rupert Fawcett

Rupert Fawcett is a very talented cartoonist who rose to fame when he created his Fred character. London born and raised, he dropped out of Art School back in 1977 and formed a punk band. He then trained to become a councillor. One day, in 1989, he started doodling, drawing a bald man in braces and carpet slippers. He called him Fred. He received over eighty rejection letters for his Fred cartoons before being picked up by a magazine and soon afterwards Paperlink, a greeting card publisher, took him on and published his work as a range of cards to great success. Over nine million Fred greeting cards were sold worldwide.

More recently Rupert has created new two ranges. The first one that came along, in 2012, was Off The Leash, featuring cartoons about dogs and how they interact with us. This has proved to be immensely popular. More recently, Rupert has launched his On the Prowl range featuring cats and their secret thoughts about humans.

We are delighted to present some new designs in both these ranges. We love the one showing two dogs dozing in their bed when the alarm clock goes off, deciding to press the snooze button until some point later in the week. It's a dog's life!

We also like the one showing a couple of poodles checking their credit card statement and are horrified to see the amount spent at the poodle parlour.

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From the cat range, aptly named On the Prowl, there are also new designs. One of our favourites is the one with the cat showing just a hint of some hidden evil.

Another favourite is the one where a cat is pretending to be stuck on the roof, causing much worry to his owners, despite being able to get down easily himself!

The On the Prowl range can be found within our Cardmix range.

Here is an interview, showing Rupert Fawcett talking about his Off the Leash cartoon range.


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