This year's funny Christmas cards by Drama Queen - Comedy Card Company

This year's funny Christmas cards by Drama Queen

Sep 19, 2017alan auld

Drama Queen releases a new range of funny Christmas cards every year. Here we take a look at this year's selection.

Drama Queen is a range of cards featuring funny captions to original, old theatrical photographs. The captions are written by the very talented comedian / writer / actor Alex Lowe, also known as 'Barry from Watford' who will be familiar to listeners of Radio 2's Steve Wright show.

Each Christmas, the publisher of the Drama Queen range release new designs. There are some truly hilarious cards this year.

We love this one showing a man carrying a large bowl of brussel sprouts to the dining table, wrestling with his conscience whether to deliver them safely or whether to 'accidentally' drop them on the floor!


Another humorous caption, perfectly matched to the photograph, shows a pair of ladies acknowledging that they have plenty of alcohol but they are racking their brains trying to remember if they bought anything resembling a turkey!


This card features a family game of Charades showing a tense atmosphere after a lady has tried to mime the film 'Free Willy' with some embarrassing results.


We also love this card showing a somewhat shocked Santa who had entered a woman's bedroom to fill her stocking and found her leg to be still in the stocking!

These are just a few of the Drama Queen Christmas cards. The Christmas designs are given some extra seasonal sparkle with the addition of some coloured glitter.

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