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New range of funny cards by Modern Toss

Sep 25, 2017alan auld

Modern Toss have released a new range of cards taken from their adult colouring books, packed full of their trademark satirical humour.

Modern Toss is cult comic created by Jon Link and Mick Bunnage. Their first comic was published over ten years ago and since then about ten have been produced. The early ones are now highly collectable, especially the second one with its free sample of Royal hair! The humour is satirical, dry, often rude and offensive, but also extremely funny. They pay particular attention to the mundane aspects of life such as work. Their work regularly appears in Private Eye, The Guardian and the Sunday Times magazine.

They have also released several books. 'A Decade in the Shithouse' is a book celebrating their ten year anniversary and is a retrospective of their work so far. They also published a series of colouring books, very much for adults, including 'The Working Day', 'Mindless Violence' and 'The Weekend'. It is these books that have inspired the latest range of greeting cards. The range is entitled 'Coloured in Cards' mainly because the cartoons have already been coloured in - so you don't have too!

Some of our favourites for this new range are the ones taken from 'The Working Day'. We love this one demonstrating a great way to look like you are still in the office somewhere even if you have gone home after lunch . . .


Here is another way to look busy, even when you are not.


Meetings at work have long been a favourite topic for Modern Toss and their new range is no exception. Here we see an employee revealing how to behave during an office meeting - essentially bide your time, try and work out what's going on and then try to make some sort of a relevant comment.

There is also some cards taken from 'The Weekend' with a satirical view of the modern way that people relax after the working week. 

Take a look at our complete Modern Toss card range - beware some foul language!





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