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New range of funny cards from cartoonist Geoff Tristram

Jul 06, 2021Alan Auld

We have teamed up with acclaimed cartoonist Geoff Tristram to publish some of his funny cartoons as greeting cards. We are delighted to present his hilarious Norman and Brenda range as well some other stand-alone cartoons.

Geoff is a very talented artist, cartoonist and comedy writer, as you'll see from a brief biography below.

In terms of his work in greeting cards, as well as creating the Norman and Brenda range, Geoff has also written captions for the popular Emotional Rescue 'On the Ceiling' cards and had jokes and cartoons published by UK Greetings and Rainbow cards.

One of Geoff's cartoons for Rainbow Cards


Of his inspiration for Norman and Brenda, he says that they were originally called Malcolm and Glenda: 'It came from a daft cartoon I drew of a fellow lecturer at Art College. He had arrived on his bike one day with his hair stood upright due to the wind. He had a jutting jaw which I increased by a few feet for comic effect, and a Hitler-esque mini moustache. Glenda was a woman who walked past me in the High Street the same day! I wanted the jokes to be a mix of surreal, daft, very daft indeed, and rude. Then the drawings evolved and I changed the names too. Originally he was named after a licensing agent who robbed me of a lot of money! Then he got changed to Norman for diplomatic reasons, a grumpy old neighbour from 40 years ago. I changed her name to Brenda for no apparent reason.'

Geoff Tristram has been a professional artist and cartoonist for over 44 years, working for a diverse range of clients including Penguin Books, Embassy World Snooker, the BBC, Carillion, Past Times, Ravensburger Puzzles, Reeves, Windsor & Newton, and Trivial Pursuit to name but a few. He has created artwork featuring the likes of Jonathan Ross, Ian Botham, Jeremy Clarkson, Alan Shearer, Ayrton Senna and virtually every snooker player of note. You may have spotted him on TV during the 2008 World Snooker Championship, interviewing the players as he drew their caricatures.

Geoff has also designed hundreds of book covers, advertisements and several record sleeves for bands including UB40, City Boy and the Maisonettes. In the 1980's he designed postage stamps for the Charles and Diana Royal Wedding, Lake Placid's Winter Olympics and Spain's football World Cup. In 2016, Stratford-upon-Avon's town and district councils asked Geoff to create the town's 400th Anniversary Portrait of William Shakespeare, which made him rightly proud.

His incredibly detailed Cat Conundrum, Best of British, and What If? jigsaw designs for Ravensburger Puzzles have thrilled and exasperated thousands of fans worldwide. He has also written 15 books, almost entirely humorous fiction.

Geoff's younger brother, David, was Comedy Playwright of the Year in 2015 and has also branched out into film-making including the hilarious Inspector Drake comedies and more recently, 'Doreen the Movie'.


After that introduction, let's take a look at some of his humorous greeting cards . . .

These are a few of our personal favourite of the Norman and Brenda cards. They're fun aren't they?

Here is an example of one of Geoff's other cartoon which is just so wonderfully silly!

All of Geoff Tristram's cards are printed in the UK, on FSC certified board and supplied with a kraft envelope made from recycled paper. They are suppled without any cellophane wrapping - they're plastic free!

Take a look at the whole range - View Geoff Tristram's Cards



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