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New range! Say hello to Words of Wisdom by Dandelion Stationery

Apr 07, 2021Alan Auld

We are delighted to present a new range, to join our selection of funny cards. We warmly welcome the Words of Wisdom range by Dandelion Stationery.

We have been wanting to add Dandelion Stationery to our selection of funny greeting cards for some time. Lockdown madness got in the way for a while but now they are finally here!

Based in Derbyshire, Dandelion Stationery produce beautiful contemporary designs and, with their Words of Wisdom range, also cards with some rather lovely humour too. They have recently won a Henries Award, which are the equivalent of the Oscars for greeting card publishers.

In the Words of Wisdom range the humour often revolves around health and fitness . . .

as well as trying to eat well . . .

Words of Wisdom also has some hilarious cards about parenting. Speaking as a parent, these cards are spot on! Here are a few favourites . . .

Of course, all humorous card publishers find alcohol very funny and all produce some designs focussed on drinking. Dandelion Stationery is no exception!

Needless to say humorous birthday cards, or should we say 'poking fun at the recipient growing older' cards are part of the range too:

These are just some examples of our favourite from the Dandelion Stationery range. There are also some great occasion cards such as New Home, New Baby, Thinking of You and Anniversary cards. 

The Dandelion Stationery range is printed in the UK on FSC certified board which is produced in a paper mill in the Lake District. They come with envelopes made from recycled paper. They are also supplied 'naked' - don't get over excited(!), this simply means they are are not wrapped in cellophane - they are plastic free.

Finally let me show you this great one about lockdown and what we might have achieved during this extended period. Have you learnt a musical instrument, become very well read or become a fantastic cook? Or have you just been eating and drinking excessively? Which camp are you in?!

Take a look our full Words of Wisdom range


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