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This year's funny Christmas cards

Nov 12, 2020Alan Auld

We present this year's collection of funny Christmas cards, showing a mix of new humorous cards as well as some perennial favourites.

2020 has not been the happiest of years has it? A year of lockdown bringing with it cancelled plans and holidays alongside worries over the health and safety of our families and friends. Add to that the financial stress and worry over our jobs. Socialising has been restricted while live music and theatre has all but stopped. As I write this, a second wave of Coronavirus cases is building which might well affect our ability to celebrate Christmas in the normal manner as well. We can only hope that 2021 will a much happier affair!

With this in mind, we think that it has never been more important to send your friends and family a Christmas card, to extend that hand of love and friendship especially when normal family gatherings may not be permitted. We are biased of course (as we just love funny cards) but if you can make someone smile or laugh with a funny Christmas card during these difficult times, what better gift can you send through the post (well, for under £3 anyway!). It has been shown that a hand written greeting card has a significantly higher effect on a person's well being compared to other forms of communication, like a text or email. 

Well, let's take a look at this year's range of cards. We have everything from classic cartoons to cheeky captions as well as a separate rude section too. Santa and his reindeer, the Three Wise Men, the Xmas dinner, family get-togethers, the presents and all the excess eating and drinking are popular subjects for cartoonists and card designers.

The classic cartoons of Jamie Charteris and his Santa and Co range are always popular at this time of year and are firm favourites. This one showing Mary and Joseph about to set off for Bethlehem was a bestseller last year. Mary has made the mistake of leaving the hotel booking up to Joseph!

Other firm favourites include the one about Santa in a strop and also the one with Rudolph taking liberties with a curtain!


New for this year, this Santa & Co card shows some banter between Santa and Rudolph, typical of this range.

Rosie Made a Thing is now one our most popular publishers. Rosie's 'everyday' cards such as birthday cards have many loyal fans. She also produces some of our bestselling Christmas cards. These two are perennial favourites.

Rosie has some great new designs this year. We love this one illustrating some etiquette rules when it comes to mistletoe.

And how about this one showing the Three Wise Men, two of whom are shocked that the other has brought gold - it was supposed to be a £20 limit!

Also a regular in the Christmas bestseller lists is Cath Tate. This one suggests what three wise women might have done differently. We can't argue with that. We also love the one showing Santa on the psychiatrist's couch.

New for 2020, this caption card shows a man starting his Xmas shopping with only 3 hours until the shops close. [I think I know this man.]

Emotional Rescue is another very successful publisher of humorous cards and Christmas is no exception. This one was very popular last year - it shows a man in the operating theatre having the vacuum cleaner (that he had bought for his wife) being surgically removed. Oh dear.

Another great caption card shows a couple standing next to a large table covered with a vast quantity of bottles of wine and bubbly. They suddenly realise that they hadn't accounted for Boxing Day so they'll need to get even more!

Also from Emotional Rescue, this new card from the Norbert and Val range is already proving to be really popular. Norbert is busy preparing a welcome sign for the carol singers . . .

Another new one shows a woman who is clearly not happy to share her box of Ferrero Rocher. What happened to peace and goodwill?

We have also produced some cards ourselves this year. We have been reacting to the events of the year when creating many of our designs. A case in point is our cartoon card showing Santa in the sleigh, suddenly realising that his reindeer have been put on furlough! To think most of us had never even heard of the word 'furlough' prior to Coronavirus.

Social distancing at work can affect Santa too. He has adapted his sleigh to keep himself and his reindeer further apart which is all very well until they try and land on the roof of a house.

Here's a novel way to maintain social distancing while seeing the family over Christmas with specially adapted crackers.

Social distancing may well affect Christmas dinners this year, I can't imagine that we'll be allowed to squeeze around the table, with some of us perched on 'emergency' chairs and stools, as in normal years. I might be more a case of separate tables or even having some people in the garden shed!

As well as cards featuring our dodgy drawing skills, we have produced some text cards too. These feature a background that is exactly the same colour and shade as Santa's red suit. We've really gone the extra mile to achieve this (you're welcome). Feel free to amaze your friends and family with this trivial fact.

Simon Drew is a wonderful illustrator known for his great word play. He also produces a very popular 'Spot the' range, featuring puzzles to solve from picture clues. 

The classic cartoons from Rainbow also do well at Christmas. We particularly like this new one showing a man who has had too many sprouts with tragic results for his guests!

Modern Toss produce cards with wonderfully dry humour. As an example take a look at this favourite showing a family on schedule for a festive argument!

We also love this one showing Steve trying to save some money by offering to be the tree, standing in then lounge decorated with fairy lights with a star perched on his head. Martin Lewis would be very proud.

Kiss Me Kwik are publishers from Brighton and their range is packed full of cheeky seaside fun. They have produced a couple of great new designs this year.

Dean Morris publishes really funny cards that are often also rather rude! Here are a couple of new ones for this year . . .

The classic, colourful cartoons of Twizler are also popular at this time of year. The one showing a polar bear having an accident with his red wine is a tried and tested favourite.

New for this year is this one showing that Santa is not immune to the council's speed cameras.


These are just a few of the cards from our Christmas selection. Take a look at the full range - Funny Christmas Card Range

All of us at the Comedy Card Company hope you manage to have a happy and peaceful Christmas. It might a bit different this year but please enjoy it as much as possible and we'll see you again in a bright and happy New Year!



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