New range of funny greeting cards from Icon - Comedy Card Company

New range of funny greeting cards from Icon

Jan 10, 2019alan auld

We are delighted to present a brand new range of greeting cards. Published by Icon, Curious World is a range featuring photographs of animals alongside truly funny captions.

The New Year brings a flurry of new card designs from greeting card publishers. First off the mark is a brand new range entitled Curious World. Published by Icon, Curious World is a photographic range featuring images of various animals with hilariously funny captions. 

We particularly like this Guinea Pig design which suggests that there is more going on in there than would initially appear!

This is a great birthday card, poking some gentle fun at the recipient's advancing age. Not so much that they are getting old, it's just that they have been young for such a long time.


Here, we get a lesson in the difference between being lazy and simply being on an energy saving mode. It's a cat life isn't it?

Another great birthday card shows another dog, who is still looking rather cool despite the advancing years.

We really like this photo showing a pair of cheeky horses, with the caption suggesting that they are best friends who lead each other astray. Makes for a great friendship card.

This grumpy looking cat illustrates a key difference between dogs and cats: whereas dogs have owners who look after them, cats have staff that do as they wish. We can't argue with that.

Another funny birthday card, this time showing a very sad looking labrador who is failing to convince us that the recipient's birthday is the happiest day of his life.

This is another great birthday card, cheekily suggesting that the recipient should keep smiling - while they still have their teeth!

We really hope you have enjoyed looking at this new range. The cards are printed on high quality card and measure approximately 6 x 6 inches. They are blank inside for your own message.

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  • I love the latest cat cards & have a number of pussy cat fans that will so appreciate them

    Ernest Read

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