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The Top 10 Funny Christmas cards of 2018

Dec 06, 2018alan auld

The results are in! Let's take a look at which funny Christmas cards have been the most popular this year.

We love funny cards at the Comedy Card Company and Christmas is no exception. At this time of year, birthday cards poking fun at people's ages make way for cards about Christmas. Santa comes in for a lot of stick, as do the Three Wise Men, the excess food (and in particular the sprouts!), drinking and the goodwill or perhaps the lack of it! There are always some new designs mixed in with some perennial favourites that are popular year after year.

By sales volumes, these are our most popular humorous Christmas cards of the year - as chosen by you. The 'Santa & Co' range by cartoonist Jamie Charteris feature heavily in our top ten list. Classic cartoons with great humour means truly mass appeal which we think is the secret behind their success. Cartoons from Cath Tate and wonderful contemporary designs by Rosie Made a Thing have also done very well.

Here's our countdown of the top ten:

At Number 10 is a wonderful caption card from Drama Queen. One of the best caption ranges, Drama Queen features hilarious captions to old theatrical photographs. This is a new one for this year.

Coming in at Number 9, is another new design from the They Can Talk range by Woodmansterne. We just love the humour in this card showing a cat with its own unique way of wishing its owners a merry Christmas!

In 8th position is a great cartoon by Kathryn Lamb. How else could Wenceslas be feeing other than good! Published by Cath Tate.

At number 7 is another card from Cath Tate, this time by cartoonist Judy Horacek. We believe in you Santa!

Taking 6th position is a perennial favourite illustrating how much better three wise women would have been.

In 5th place is another long standing favourite from Jamie Charteris and his 'Santa & Co' range. This cartoon shows a slightly less than rosy picture of life for Santa and Rudolph at Xmas.

Coming in at number 4 this year (and last year's top seller) is this design from the award winning Rosie Made a Thing range. A little girl has a tell-it-like-it-is approach in her 'Dear Santa' letter!

Taking bronze position this year is another card by Rosie Made a Thing. A somewhat more sinister ending to the popular song about Rudolph and the other reindeers!

In 2nd place is a new design from Jamie Charteris. Joseph is being a bit like a typical man as Mary and Joseph set off for Bethlehem. Book an hotel? No need, it'll be fine.

And the winner is . . . .

Our most popular Christmas card this year is another classic cartoon from Jamie Charteris showing Santa warning Rudolph against taking liberties and wiping his nose on the curtains as he delivers the family's presents - if only it was his nose!

Well there you have it, our top ten most popular funny cards this Christmas. Is your favourite here? We have hundreds more to choose from, including a section of hilariously rude cards.

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