We launch this year's funny Christmas cards!

Nov 14, 2016alan auld

We proudly present our collection of humorous Christmas cards for 2016.

At the Comedy Card Company we believe that if you are going to send a greetings card it might as well make the recipient giggle - and what better gift to give at Christmas, than a bit of laughter!

Christmas is a big season for us and we are always excited to present our collection of Christmas cards, showcasing a wide variety of humour (our aim is always to have something for everyone). From contemporary designs, to classic cartoons to the downright rude, we have a wide range of styles and humour on offer.

Here, we'll walk you through some of our major card ranges featured in this years Christmas card line up.

One of our new ranges is Rosie Made a Thing. 'The Henries' are the greeting card industry's awards, and Rosie Made a Thing was this year's Henries winner for Best Humorous Range. We think her Christmas cards will be best sellers this year. This design is one of our favourites.

For some time, Jamie Charteris's cartoons that grace his 'Santa & Co' and 'Wit and Wisdom' ranges have been amongst our most popular Christmas cards - timeless, classic designs. Funny, without being offensive, these colourful cards have a broad appeal. His Santa and Co range features interaction and mischief involving Santa and Rudolph, the pair becoming a comedy double act!

Jamie Charteris's Wit and Wisdom range revolves more around the Nativity scene, the shepherds and the Three Wise Men . . .

Modern Toss is a card publisher noted for its dry sense of humour and crudely drawn cartoons. We love their Christmas cards which take a very satirical view of this time of year - a perfect antidote to all that happiness and goodwill!

Drama Queen is a range of cards featuring humorous captions to old theatrical photographs. The captions are penned by comedian Alex Lowe and his superb sense of humour is the reason for the Drama Queen's enduring success. Drama Queen release a brand new range each Christmas. Their Christmas cards are given some extra colourful sparkle, in the form of some colourful glitter, in keeping with the season! Here is one of our favourites of this years's Drama Queen cards.

Buddy Fernandez produces a range of 'honest' cards with a simple, blunt, tell-it-like-it-is statements. It is hard to produce a greeting card with nothing more than text on the front - no cartoons or illustrations here - and to make it genuinely funny. Buddy Fernandez has truly mastered this and have created an original, bold range of cards. Here is one of their classic Christmas designs.

Simon Drew creates his beautiful illustrations in his gallery in Dartmouth, Devon. Noted for his clever wordplay, fine humour, combined with superb artwork, he describes himself as 'half artist, half wit'. He has some wonderful Christmas cards designs.

Quitting Hollywood are noted for their cheeky captions, sometimes quite rude but always funny. Here is a wonderful new design for this year . . .

Here is another of Quitting Hollywood's cards - this is one of my personal all-time favourites.


Sarah Ray produces lovely, contemporary designs both heart warming and wickedly funny at the same time. This design about a beautiful seasonal robin that has just been eaten by a cat is her best selling design.


Dean Morris is known for his colourful, cheeky, cards which can also be on the rude side! Many of his cards feature in our rude Christmas card section. Hilarious captions and cheeky seasonal messages abound!

Twizler publish a range of cards by cartoonist Michael Canine and his Christmas cards sell particularly well. His 'Bugger' card, showing some polar bears at a party where one of them has spilt red wine down its front, is always very popular.


Brainbox Candy is one of our year-round best selling publishers. Always a bit different, with fresh original design mixed with a great sense of humour. This is one of their classic designs, featuring a cheeky message spelled out in magnetic letters on a fridge door.


Rupert Fawcett is the talented cartoonist behind two of our Christmas card ranges. Fred is an adorable character, created by Rupert some years ago. Together with his wife Penelope, we see how they cope with the trials of the festive season.

Rupert is also the cartoonist who has created the successful 'Off the Leash' range revolving around dogs and how they interact with us humans. This is one of our favourites for this year.

Kiss me Kwik is a card publisher from Brighton and their designs are often full of cheeky seaside humour. Quirky, original designs that can be hilariously rude and edgy too.

UK Greetings is the largest card publisher in the UK and a lot of different ranges publish under the UK greetings umbrella. One of their ranges is the ever popular New Yorker cards featuring some classic, satirical cartoons taken from the famous The New Yorker magazine.

Kook is range of cards published by Paperlink featuring contemporary design and humour. Their design about a girl writing a letter to Santa asking for a big fat bank account and a thin body, and requesting that he doesn't mix these up again this year, is a best seller!

Cath Tate produce a superb range of caption cards and this design, about a woman clearly surprised that there were ever really three wise men, is one of the most popular in the range.

These are just some of our ranges within this year's Christmas card collection. View the full range by clicking here.

We also have an hilarious range of rude Christmas cards - perhaps not for the easily offended, but great to give your mates a laugh at this time of year. We have great, cheeky cards from Dean Morris, Brainbox Candy, Kiss me Kwik and Quitting Hollywood. View our range of rude Christmas cards.

We hope you enjoy browsing through this year's Christmas cards, and we hope some make you laugh. Lastly we wish all of our lovely customers a very happy Christmas and New Year. Merry Christmas!

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