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Dec 05, 2016alan auld

There are various different aspects of Christmas that greeting card publishers poke fun at to create their humorous Christmas cards. Lets have a laugh and walk through some of the favourite themes for funny Christmas cards.



First on the list is poor old Santa. Father Christmas comes in for a fair amount of stick; his dress sense, his massive workload and of course all these ‘Dear Santa’ letters he has to contend with.

In the classic Santa & Co range by cartoonist Jamie Charteris, Santa and Rudolph become a true comedy double act!


The Seasonal Goodwill

There are many designs that revolt against the seasonal goodwill and merriness that is (supposed!) to abound this time of year. The satirical humour of Modern Toss is the perfect antidote to all that festive cheer . . .



or the cheeky humour of Brainbox Candy . . .



Christmas brings snow (or it did prior to global warming) and that produces snowmen. The humble, innocent snowman is not immune to the cartoonist at this time of year . . .


Three Wise Men

When it comes to the Nativity story, the Three Wise Men come in for the most attention. Firstly, some people are incredulous that they could ever actually find three wise men. Then there is the task of finding Bethlehem and the bringing of gifts. There is some suggestion that if three wise women had appeared, rather than three wise men, things could have been a lot better!


Family Christmas

Of course Christmas would not be Christmas without spending all that quality time with one’s family. A lot of greeting card cartoonists capitalise on the reality of spending so much time with family members and the resultant joy!


Speaking about spending so much time with the family, the accustomed remedy and saviour is the alcoholic tipple . . .

The Christmas Dinner

The high expectations of the Christmas dinner and the resultant stress that ensues makes for some great humour. There is so much pressure to create the 'perfect Christmas'. The following cards provide some light relief to the stress of trying to create a wonderful dinner by following a celebrity chef's recipe!


And of course, don’t forget the poor turkey . ..


Christmas Shopping

Christmas shopping and the joy it gives some and the more typical dread it gives others, leads to some hilarious cards.


Men at Christmas

Man gets a fair amount of abuse about his stereotypical behaviour of not helping enough, drinking too much, lounging about . . .



Dogs feature heavily in funny cards all year round and I guess Christmas is no exception!


These are just some of the popular humour categories for Christmas cards. At the Comedy Card Company, we have a huge selection of funny Christmas cards. We also a separate page featuring some downright RUDE Christmas cards - hilarious, but not for the easily offended.

Merry Christmas to all!

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