We welcome a new card range - say hello to Paper Rose

Mar 21, 2017alan auld

We have added a new range of funny greeting cards by publisher Paper Rose, featuring NAF, Grintastic, Andrew Wright cartoons and cheeky Plastic Pam.

It is with pleasure that the Comedy Card Company announces the arrival of a new range of humorous cards. Paper Rose produce several funny card ranges, including NAF - a previous winner of a Henries Award for Best Humour Range. Also wonderful, colourful cartoons by Andrew Wright, Grintastic illustrations and a cheeky range called Plastic Pam which involves captions to photographs of Barbie type dolls in compromising positions!

NAF is an enduring range by award winning cartoonist Andy McKay who has a truly fine sense of humour. This cartoon is one of our favourites - a woman gives a young girl some advice about the claims of potential husbands - if he says he owns a castle, make sure you see it first as it might be a bouncy castle!

Grintastic is a range of cards with colourful illustrations. One of our favourites has to be the 'drinking can cause memory loss' card. Did you know that drinking can cause memory loss? One of our favourite cards is the one about drinking causing memory loss . . . !

Colourful cartoons by Andrew Wright are also part of the Paper Rose stable. We love the one about the dog that isn't fully house trained - or is it the husband?

Finally what can we say about the Plastic Pam range. Hilarious captions to photographs of Barbie type dolls in all manner of dubious settings. You may never look at a Barbie doll in the same light again! Great, cheeky humour by Kirsty Hotson. 


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