New! Lots of hilariously rude cards by Brainbox Candy

Mar 27, 2017alan auld

We have lots of great new designs in the cheeky Brainbox Candy range

Brainbox Candy is one of our most popular ranges, known for being a bit different, fresh, original and quite edgy. This Spring, they have published lots of new designs packed full of their cheeky sense of humour.

There is a new range entitled The Type Society, featuring funny, sometimes rude, statements presented in a colourful card. This is one of our favourites . . .

We also have some new designs in the ever popular Board Silly range. Featuring messages for the recipient spelled out in a canteen style notice board, this bold range is one of our best selling ranges. Here is a favourite amongst the new designs.

Another brand new range is called Hand Shandy, featuring hand gestures with accompanying text - both of which are often on the rude side!

An enduring range with Brainbox Candy is their Warning range - colourful cards in the style of a warning sign. We love this design featuring a little birthday ditty in Jazzy format!

In the style of a vintage metal sign, the Grin and Tonic range is beautifully printed and features the same wonderfully cheeky humour.

Finally we have a couple of new designs in the Rotten Rhymes range, aptly named as they feature rude variations to classic nursery rhymes. The one about Old Mother Hubbard being furious about Brexit is a favourite . . .

View our range of Brainbox Candy Cards

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