One our favourite funny card ranges released this year

Apr 11, 2017alan auld

We introduce a wonderful new range of funny greeting cards that have been launched this Spring.

'They Can Talk' is a range of cards featuring funny cartoons involving animals. Simple, contemporary design matched with a great sense of humour, these greeting cards have broad appeal. 

Many publishers release new designs / ranges in early Spring and this range really caught our eye when we visited the trade fairs at the start of the year. Featuring the greeting cards of many of the UK's best card publishers - both large and small - these trade fairs are a showcase to the talents of card designers and publishers. Its always great to find a new range that is truly funny. We hope you like these as much as we do.

'They Can Talk' features the humour of cartoonist Jimmy Craig. The range is published by Woodmansterne.

Click to view all of our Woodmansterne Cards

Here is a video featuring Jimmy (he plays the cat) which demonstrates the difference between dogs and cats - hilarious!

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