New cards by the ever popular newspaper cartoonist MATT

Apr 17, 2017alan auld

Newly released cards featuring the talents of Telegraph newspaper cartoonist Matthew Pritchett, better known simply as MATT

Matthew Pritchett has won the UK Press Award for 'Cartoonist of the Year' no less than five times and he was awarded an MBE in 2002. He has graced the pages of the Daily Telegraph since 1988, where he signs his cartoons simply as 'Matt'. He has been amusing us for many years. His greeting cards are published by Woodmansterne and I am glad to report that they have released some new designs:

One of our favourites of the new designs is this one about employing someone to do your 'alcohol free days' on your behalf.

We also love this topical one about the Brexit vote, comparing the decision of the UK to leave the EU to letting the cat out!

Another classic cartoon features a family using a drone to do their school run for them - now there's an idea.

Here is a video with Matt discussing his typical day and how he creates his famous cartoons:

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