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May 23, 2017alan auld

Let's take a look at the topics and themes that are used by greeting card publishers when thinking about the humorous aspects of dad on father's day

Father's Day is one of our favourite of all the so called 'Spring Seasons' - in the greeting card world this encompasses Valentine's, Easter, Mother's day and, of course, Father's day. This is because, at the Comedy Card Company, we specialise in humorous cards and it seems that poor old dad comes in for lots of cheeky, mickey-taking fun on Father's Day.

This means lots of hilarious cards for us to choose from to create our funny Father's Day card range. Humorous subjects abound for dad. Whereas the humour in Mother's Day cards can often be more respectful or reserved, the greeting card publishers let rip on dad! Of course he can take it with his great sense of humour can't he?

Dad's Lazyness

Is this true? Surely not. However, it would appear that dad's amount of sofa lounging and lack of help with household chores has not gone unnoticed. Lots of cards pick up on this.

Dad's Flatulence

An amazing number of cards poke fun at the amount of gas emanating from father's bottom! 

Dad's Jokes

Did you hear the one about . . . ? Many cards point out that father's jokes are getting old and the humour is wearing thin.

Dad's Wisdom and Knowledge

With a lifetime of experience, a father can pass so much knowledge onto his children which of course is gratefully received.

Dad's DIY skills

Another popular subject revolves around father's attempt at DIY. Why pay an over-priced tradesman when you can do it yourself? 

Take a look at this hilarious videos of some DIY disasters . . .

Dad's Obsession with Sport

Some dads live for their sport whether that is playing it or watching it endlessly on TV, shouting and cheering through the game. We have lots of card focussing either on a father's time spent watching sport or having a stab at playing it. We have lots of hilarious cards about golf in particular.

Dad's Parenting Skills

No one can compare to mum in child rearing skills but dad did change that nappy every now and again, didn't he? I'm sure he never dropped the baby more than a couple of times . . .

Dad Dancing

Why do dads even bother going onto the dance floor when it seems that there is a multitude of people just waiting to smirk at his groovy dance moves. If only they had seen him back in the day, in his prime . . .

Have a laugh at this informative video demonstrating the evolution of dad dancing . . .

We can have a right old laugh with dad but we also love him for this very reason. Don't forget to tell your dad just how much you love him this Father's Day on Sunday 18th June. 

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