We welcome a new range of funny cards - Country Cards

May 30, 2017alan auld

Country Cards produce a great range of greeting cards featuring classic cartoons. We are delighted to add them to our collection of funny cards and we hope you like them too.

Bold, colourful cartoons featuring classic humour, this range of cards has truly broad appeal. We are delighted to add them to our stable of humorous cards. The Country Cards humour range feature the talents of many different cartoonists but somehow manages to have a similar feel across the range. Notable talents include Lee Fearnley (who is also the cartoonist in our 'Fernz' range), Rich Skipworth, Tony Husband and Royston Robertson. They produce cartoons with timeless humour.

All the cards in this range are blank inside so can be used for many different occasions. Here are some of our favourites . . .

This range of greeting cards represents good value at £1.99 each. View all of the Country Cards Range

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